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The Three Top Trading Tips for Beginners

October 01, 2019 Trading Tips
Trading Tips
The Three Top Trading Tips for Beginners
Show Notes

What Investment Beginners 


 Need to Know About Investing

There’s a lot of excitement around investing—and rightly so. It’s possible to 

build a fortune. But it’s also possible to lose your shirt. 

If you’re just getting started—or if you’ve tried to start in the past and can’t 

seem to get any momentum going—investing can seem intimidating at first.

There’s a lot that goes into it besides your money, after all. Investing also 

carries with it all the hopes and dreams, and also the fears that you may 


That’s why one of the most important things to do when starting to invest is 

to actually start. Put some money to work in a company you like, even if you 

only have a few hundred dollars. Once you’ve made that commitment, rather

than waiting to build up a cash balance of some arbitrary amount like 

$1,000, you’re in the game.

Once that happens, you’re able to see for yourself what works and what 

doesn’t work in investing in a way that no article or video can show you with 

your money truly at work. 

And, by starting small, you’ll learn from your mistakes with smaller amounts 

of money at risk. Investors who start by putting a large amount of their net 

worth into one stock are taking on a huge risk, but by starting small, the 

invariable losses in investing will show you what went wrong with your 

investment ideas without permanently holding you back.

Finally, many small investors don’t use leverage correctly. While riskier, there

are ways to use leverage to improve your portfolio returns without increasing

the amount of risk involved. Instead of buying 100 shares, for instance, you 

could buy one call option. 

Sure, maybe for the same money as 100 shares, you could afford 10 call 

options, but knowing when to substitute options for shares—rather than 

putting as much as possible into a leveraged trade—can make a huge 

difference to your investment success.

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