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Does the Cybertruck Make Tesla Motors a Buy?

December 10, 2019 Trading Tips
Trading Tips
Does the Cybertruck Make Tesla Motors a Buy?
Show Notes

Tesla Motors Continues to Innovate, But Will Shareholders Benefit?

There’s no room in life for complacency. Capitalism has been described as a form of “creative destruction,” whereby new products and services lower costs and shift demand to new products.

In the past few years, Tesla Motors has shaken up the automotive industry. With a push for an all-electric car at a time when many of the major manufacturers were simply considering hybrid vehicles, Tesla’s existence has forced the industry to create all-electric vehicles of their own.

While the company has launched a number of cars, it’s now getting into the trucking space, thanks to the Cybertruck. 

With a sleek, aerodynamic design and steel look, it brings back memories of the DeLorean car. The design may not be the most attractive, but for a vehicle that can haul a lot of weight with a 250 mile range, and at a price point just under $40,000, it could be a serious contender for the space. That’s just the base model. Two and three-engine versions of the truck are available at higher prices.

Compared to the Ford F150 truck, which retails for about $10,000 cheaper, and gets a similar range on a tank of gas, the Cybertruck won’t win on price, but for the features it offers, it is still a serious contender.

With Tesla motors coming off a great year of improved production on its cars, the Cybertruck can add an exciting new offering once it launches in late 2020. While that’s some time off, shares have already moved higher as the company has moved past the news events in 2018 that sent shares tanking. We see further upside ahead, but also see the potential to buy shares on one of their inevitable pullbacks as the best way to profit.

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