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Three Stocks to Buy for 2020

December 31, 2019 Trading Tips
Trading Tips
Three Stocks to Buy for 2020
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With the end of the year, there are all sorts of predictions about the next. But more important than predictions are specific investment ideas.

There are a few ways to take advantage of the changing calendar and find profitable investments. By focusing on a few key areas and concepts, traders can find specific investments that play to these opportunities. 

First, investors can look to buy stocks that have been out of favor with the market. By doing so, investors are taking advantage of the market’s propensity to revert to the mean, where underperforming assets catch up with the rest of the market.

One obvious area for that is in the technology space. Many of these names are still off their all-time highs of a few years back, and have room to push the market higher even as some of 2019’s top winners become laggards.

Another area is in companies that had some specific issues with the operations that held back shares in the past year. There are always some solid companies dealing with some short-term events likely to keep their share price out of favor with the market. But when those fears dissipate, investors will get huge returns as the fear subsides.

Finally, there are areas where instability is brewing. That’s usually the most obvious in the commodity market, where supply and demand imbalances can set up for some sizeable profits in a short amount of time. 

By taking advantage of these areas, investors can ensure they make a profit, no matter what the overall market is doing.

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